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Our values statement is both descriptive and aspiration. We believe these values are already present in our church but we want to see them develop more and more.

We are...

...Passionate about Jesus

We want to be passionate about Jesus in our worship, in our conversations with one another and in our life in the world. Jesus is not Someone we merely affirm, he is someone that we are excited about, thrilled about, fervent about, passionate about.

...Directed by the Word of God

We desire that through His word, the Bible, God would lead us in his ways. As we yield to it,the Bible can keep us right both in what we believe and in what we do. It is through Scripture that we learn of the Jesus that we are passionate about and the Spirit uses God's inerrant Word to counsel and train us in righteousness.

...Empowered by the Spirit of God.

As a church, we realise that apart from God's Spirit we cannot accomplish anything of any lasting significance. We need Him to bring God's Presence to us and so make us pure and give us power to see God's Kingdom grow in this generation. We also expect that by the Spirit God will speak to us and so we listen for his voice in our personal devotions and in our worship services.

...Dedicated to the Mission of God.

We are wholeheartedly committed to being led by God's Word and empowered by God's Spirit so that we can be effective in God's Mission. It is wonderful that God has called us to join with him as he brings about His purposes for this place at this time? This includes our dedication to missionaries who minister to the ends of the earth, and it also includes our work among the neighbourhood around our church building as well as our witness to neighbours and friends and colleagues and family. We are dedicated to making Jesus known!

...Belonging as the Family of God.

United in Christ, one in the Spirit, a community of the Word, together on Mission. The idea of the church as family is scriptural and points to our relationship to God as our Father and to our relationships to one and other as brothers and sisters.